fuji wedding photographer

Fuji wedding photographer

Now I’m a Fuji wedding photographer

After years of using Canon cameras, which incidentally I still think are great cameras, I decided to make the change in 2015 to the Fuji X series. The Fuji X cameras are so great to use for many reasons but for me the top three are: image quality, usability and weight. This is a pattern you will see over and over again, when you read blog posts from photographers who have made the change. Initially I wanted a camera that was going to be lighter to handle, without compromising on quality and I looked at several different models. The Olympus OM range was a close contender but after seeing and handling the Fuji XT1 at the Photography Show in 2015 my mind was almost made up. I knew that the Fuji was perfect in weight and ease of use, but still, I hadn’t tested it for image quality and this was the most important thing for me as being a wedding photographer, I was not prepared to compromise on image quality. At this point, I was reading more and more blog posts and what caught my eye were the likes of Damien Lovegrove and a few other wedding photographers who were firm converts to Fuji. I knew Damien wasn’t the kind of person to risk his reputation, so I decided to buy one and test it for myself. Lets face it, if I didn’t like it, I could always sell it on as the market for the Fuji XT1 is extremely buoyant. Hiring one wasn’t really an option for me as I knew I would need it for several weeks to rigorously test it before my mind was made up. Well I have to be honest, it only took me two weeks before I started purchasing new lenses and had my Canon camera on the market for sale.

Fuji makes it easier to capture great images

When you point a large DSLR camera at someone they tend to hide or get very self conscious which affects how the photo looks. When you point a Fuji X series camera at someone, they hardly notice you. It really is as simple as that; if I stand out less, then I have more chance to capture the candid photographs that I love to shoot.


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