Winter wedding photography hair styling

Winter wedding photography

Capturing the beauty in Winter Wedding photography. Winter wedding photography can be a lot of fun to shoot but keeping warm is very important for the photographers and the clients. In a cold …

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The look!

How would you describe this look from the bride? We think it can be interpreted in many different ways. Ryan Bedingfield wedding photography in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.


Happy bridesmaids

We were approached by these bridesmaids to do a ‘silly’ posed photograph. Our approach is predominantly from a photojournalistic angle but  we endeavour to be flexible and willing to adapt to the feel of the wedding and let’s face …


Wedding table decorations

We like to capture the intricate details of each wedding as we appreciate their importance and the planning which has gone into choosing them. From the beauty of the flowers, to the grandeur of the venue …


Avebury wedding

This shot was taken at Avebury Henge whilst the wedding party made their way to the the old tree where ribbons were hung and wishes were made for the happy couple. We positioned …


The first dance

  The first dance is always a great shot to take as by this time any nerves are long gone and the bride and groom are at their most relaxed. …


Wedding shoes

  Photographing the shoes at a wedding is always important, if the bride has any that is!! We have photographed pagan weddings before where no shoes were worn. This is done in …


Wedding rings

  Wedding rings placed on a window ledge to make use of the best light available.   Ryan Bedingfield West Yorkshire wedding photos.