Wedding Pkotographer Huddersfield

Wedding Photographer Huddersfield

Ryan Bedingfield Wedding Photographer Huddersfield.

Hello, I’m Ryan! I run a wedding photography business based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire covering the whole of the UK and abroad. If you search the internet for.. wedding photographer Huddersfield .. you will end up with many options, so why choose me? Well, I have a style, which is photojournalist wedding photography or documentary wedding photography as it’s also known. This means I don’t spend all my time posing people for shots. Instead I watch what’s going on and take beautiful, natural photographs of moments to remember which document your wedding from beginning to end. This won’t suit everyone, I know that! But it does seem more and more couples are moving away from staged/posed photography for their weddings and looking for an album and photographs to look back on that record the event in a way which is special for them. Below are a few images of mine that show what I mean. None of these are posed, they are all naturally created photographs.

Wedding Photography has changed.

When I first started out in wedding photography, all wedding photographers had similar ideas regarding staging photographs for portraits and group shots. Some were better than others at this, but ultimately the ideas were the same. With photojournalistic wedding photography you work with what goes on around you and it’s my job as a photographer to be in the right place at the right time, and stand in the right place to capture the best light for the images I’m creating. This is an art form and it only come with practice, imagination and creativeness, which is why not everyone likes to photograph in this way. If you prefer wedding photographs to be staged then that’s great. I completely understand that although I may not be the photographer for you, we all like different things, it’s what makes the world go around. However, if like me, you would rather see yourself in years to come when you look back through your wedding photographs in a natural setting then I would love to be your photographer. If you’ve read this blog you probably searched for wedding photographer Huddersfield. If you like my style, give me a call and we can talk further on 07947689841 or contact me here

Thanks for reading.
Ryan Bedingfield.
An award winning photographer and member of the SWPP. (Society of Wedding and Portrait photographers)