Fuji Film X-T1

Fuji Film X-T1

The Fuji Film X-T1 is a beautiful camera to use.

The greatest asset to my equipment list for wedding photography is the Fuji Film X-T1 digital camera. For me, Fuji cameras are second to none, as the ease of use and small size compared with DSLR’s means I can be discreet and practically go unnoticed when taking candid documentary style photographs.

I also use the Fuji Film x100s rangefinder camera, which fits neatly in my jacket pocket, giving me a different focal length at the ready for when I might need it.

Fuji Film X-T1 Image quality second to none.

For wedding photography, quality is extremely important as images may be enlarged to suit a canvas or other large wall mounted photographs. With the Fuji Film X-T1 the sensor is big enough to produce stunning quality images without the bulkiness of a large DSLR camera.

All fuji x-mount prime lenses open up extremely wide to give amazing ‘out of focus’ backgrounds when required, so working as a wedding photographer I like to be able to control this function when necessary.

Why I made the change to the  Fuji X-T1

For the past year I’ve been toying with making the change to Fuji X cameras, however I really wanted to see them working for other photographers who made the change. A camera is my tool for producing photographs and I had to be sure that the Fuji X-T1 lived up to the reviews before moving from Canon cameras which I have used for the past 21 yrs. Before I knew it, lots of colleagues and big names in the fashion industry were posting fantastic reviews and I knew the time had come to trade in my Canon gear and go all out with Fuji.

Now several months on, I know that it was the best decision that I could make for both my photography and my back!!! Yes believe it or not carrying a large DSLR camera around with lenses for a whole days wedding photography can really take its’ toll on your back.

Wedding photography all over with Fuji

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Ryan Bedingfield