Fashion shoot

From a fashion shoot

A fashion shoot for a photography magazine.

This was taken at a fashion shoot I was involved in for a photography magazine called Photoplus last year. As my main photography work is weddings, it was great to be involved in photographing this model and learning some new skills along the way. The shoot was at an incredible bar venue called the The Milk Thistle in the middle of Bristol, and lasted for about 8-9 hours.

The Milk Thistle is situated over several floors and each floor has a different vibe, meaning that with several changes for the model we were able to produce some great and different looking shots.

Differences with wedding photography.

I was quite surprised at the fast speed we were working at as normally I can be quite relaxed in my work and change angles and views that I think will suit my clients photographs. Working with a model is also different as they are tuned in to the click of the camera and readily change pose as soon as you’ve taken a photograph.

Posing my brides, grooms and their guests isn’t something I would normally do unless specifically asked to do so, as my style is very much documentary wedding photography. This means only using available light sources and photographing in a manner that doesn’t attract to much attention to myself. The reason for this is because it produces natural, beautiful photography that really means something to my clients rather than posed looking model style photographs.

Fashion shoot or wedding photography?

This really isn’t a difficult question for me as I am so lucky to be a wedding photographer and am able to experience a couples wedding from the inside. Wedding photography for me is my passion and work, so I don’t think I’ll be giving it up just yet. Also there’s so much more that I feel I have to offer!! As long as the phone keeps ringing, I’ll keep photographing!! I would like to add that actually I really did enjoy the fashion shoot and I loved the images from the day along with meeting so many nice people. I would definitely take up the challenge again, just not full time!!


 Travelling as a photographer.

Living and working as a wedding photographer in Meltham Holmfirth, a few miles from Huddersfield, doesn’t mean I don’t travel for my work. With Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Chester and Harrogate on my door step, the Holme Valley is a great place to be based.

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Ryan Bedingfield